Awards (Delaware / Komoka / Mt Brydges Minor Baseball)


The Jacob DaPonte Memorial Trophy


In July 2000 Jacob DaPonte was in his 2nd year as a Mosquito baseball player when his life was taken from him in a tragic accident.  The Jacob DaPonte Memorial Trophy is dedicated to him, and is awarded each year to the Most Sportsmanlike Player in the Mosquito division.


Jacob will always be remembered for his big smile. When he came to a game or practice he listened well to his Coaches, and always tried his hardest.  He treated other players with respect.  His attitude was always positive. He never said a negative thing about anyone or the game, even if the team was losing.

Mr. & Mrs. DaPonte feel very honoured that the Delaware/Mt. Brydges Minor Baseball, along with the Delaware & Mt.Brydges Lioness clubs have created this award in Jacob's memory.

Jacob will always be an Angel on the DKMB Minor Baseball fields...

Award Winners:
Year Player Coaches Team
2023 Micah Heise  Brent Lipskey  11U LL 1 
2023 Aiden Fichter  Ben Marshall  11U LL 2 
2023 Colton Frederick  Brad McElroy  11U Select 
2022 Sawyer Moorcroft  Jeremy Hogeveen  11U Select 
2022 Foster Chang  John Anthony  11U LL 2 
2022 Ava Siegfried  Dan Neaves  11U LL 1 
2021 Beckett Stern  Jeremy Hogeveen  11U Select 
2021 Grayson Beardshaw  Mike Suriano  11U LL 1 
2020 Josiah VanderSchaaf    Mosquito 
2019 Alex Latif  Ernie Latif  Mosquito LL 1 
2019 Tyler Douglas  John Harding  Mosquito LL 2 
2019 Felix White  Adam Kafka  Mosquito LL 3 
2019 Ryan Hooper  Don Thody  Mosquito Select 
2018 Craig Kopal  Ernie Latif  Mosquito LL 
2018 Jack Stafford  Adam Kafka  Mosquito LL 
2018 Adam Bentley  Stephanie Smith  Mosquito LL 
2017 Max Kakman  Adam Stafford  Mosquito LL 1 
2017 Cooper Morrison  Tracy Brownell  Mosquito LL 2 
2017 Will Stewart  Andy Pope  Mosquito LL 3 
2017 Rory Wilkins  Karen Watson  Mosquito LL 4 
2016 Brady Dawson  Derek Raine  Mosquito LL 3 
2016 Evan Kopal  Amanda Carruthers  Mosquito LL 1 
2016 Sam Stewart  Karen Watson  Mosquito LL 2 
2015 Jordan McKellar  Jamie Bond  Major Mosquito Competitive  
2015 Zack Sibley  Shayne Sibley  Mosquito LL 
2014 Tiaz Hayter  Cory Goetz  Mosquito LL 2 
2014 Noel Kelly  Jamie Bond  Mosquito LL 1 
2013 Cole Fowler   Steve Rumford, Brent Fowler  Mosquito LL  
2012 Jake Wootton   Steve Rumford, Shayne Sibley  Mosquito LL 
2012 Stu Ireland   Scott Hubert, Darren Johnson  Mosquito Select  
2011 Kyle Knight   Scott Hubert, Darren Johnson  Mosquito LL  
2010 Ryan Kerr   Brad McGonigle  Mosquito LL  
2009 Dan McGonigle   Brad McGonigle  Mosquito LL 1  
2009 Reid Williams   Wayne Howie  Mosquito LL 2  
2009 Derek Shaw   Marty Thody  Major Mosquito Competitive  
2008 Preston Hill   Marty Thody  Minor Mosquito Competitive  
2008 Kristen Robinson   Gerry Carr  Mosquito LL 1  
2008 Josh Zwinkels   Wayne Howie  Mosquito LL 2  
2007 Devin Empey   Ken Whittaker  Mosquito Competitive  
2007 Jordan Hilliker   Gerry Carr  Mosquito LL  
2006 Calvin Kelly   Ken Whittaker, Korey Richardson    
2005 Zach Zwinkels   Jeff Flesher, John Robinson    
2005 Sam Phillips   Rob Wuytenburg, Shayne Sibley    
2004 Michael Robinson   John Robinson    
2004 Mark Muehmer   Ryan Jones    
2003 Michael Prior   Willy Flegel, Derrick Prior    
2003 Cory Goetz   Larry Goetz/John Robinson    
2002 Spencer Williams   Doug Jowett, Kevin Kusch    
2002 Matthew Warren   Larry Goetz, Willy Flegel    
2001 Kyle Sterling   Pat Gubbels    
2000 Jacob DaPonte   Pat Gubbels   

2023 winners Micah Heise, Aiden Fichter and Colton Frederick


2020 winner Josiah VanderSchaaf


2018 winners Craig Kopal, Jack Stafford and Adam Bentley


2013 winner Cole Fowler


Pictured here (from left to right)...
DKMB President Marty Thody, Cole Fowler, and past winners Ryan Kerr, Dan McGonigle, Mike Robinson and Cory Goetz.