Web Event Submission Request (Delaware / Komoka / Mt Brydges Minor Baseball)

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This form is to be used for requesting events to be posted to the DKMB website. Events posted must include a start date/time, end date/time and location. For multiple, recurring events (e.g. clinics), please submit the form for the date of the first occurrence and note any additional dates in the "Notes to Poster" below. If your event cannot be posted, you will receive an email with reason at the email address that you provide below.
Person Submitting the Request
  1. Please enter your full name
  2. Please enter your email address for confirmation
Event Details
  1. Select 12:00am for an all day event
  2. Select 11:59pm for an all day event
  3. Location of the event. Please include an address if the location is not well known.
  4. Indicate who should be contacted, if other than yourself, for more information or registration for the event
  5. Contact email address
  6. Provide a phone number for the contact if desired
  7. Details may be copied directly to the posting. If the details are included in an attachment, please indicate and a best attempt will be made to use these.
  8. Please provide any additional instructions to those that will post the submission. These notes will not be included in the posting.
  9. Allowed extensions: .jpeg, .jpg, .png, gif, .pdf, .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .ppt, .pptx.
    Maximum # Files: 1. Maximum File Size: 4MB.
    Include an attachment if available. Please note that the attachment, and any included graphics, might not be used in the posting.
Human Validation